Browser does not support script. viagra for sale Living with cancer? We are here to help skip to main content search here | home about us cancer information how we can help online community get involved fundraising home > cancer information > cancer types > colon & rectal cancer > symptoms & diagnosis > how colon and rectal cancers are diagnosed colon & rectal cancer about colon & rectal cancer symptoms & diagnosis symptoms diagnosis staging and grading treating colon cancer treating rectal cancer choosing your treatment and care living with colon & rectal cancer further resources find out how we produce our information | how colon and rectal cancers are diagnosed usually you begin by seeing your gp (family doctor), who will feel your abdomen and examine your back passage (a rectal examination). pharmacy price comparison viagra During a rectal examination, the doctor places a gloved finger into your back passage to feel for any lumps or swellings. pharmacy price comparison viagra This may be slightly uncomfortable, but it’s not painful. viagra samples It will be less uncomfortable if you’re able to relax while you have the examination. You may have a blood test to check for anaemia (a low number of red blood cells), which is common in people with bowel cancer. You may also have blood tests to check the health of your liver and kidneys. If your gp is unsure what the problem is, or thinks that your symptoms could be caused by cancer, they will refer you to a hospital specialist. buy viagra If your gp suspects you may have cancer, you should be seen at the hospital within 14 days. At the hospital at the hospital, the specialist will ask you about your general health, any previous medical problems, and whether you have any family history of bowel cancer. The specialist will examine you, and will probably repeat the rectal examination described on the opposite page. viagra viagra canada One or more of the following tests may be used to diagnose bowel cancer: proctoscopy/sigmoidoscopy these tests allow the doctor, or specialist nurse, to look at the inside lining of the rectum. They will usually be done in the hospital outpatient department. pharmacy price comparison viagra A proctoscope is a short tube that goes just into the rectum. A sigmoidoscope is a longer tube that can be passed further up into the large bowel. Any abnormal areas can be seen with the help of a tiny light and camera on the end of the tube. If necessary, a small sample of the cells (a biopsy) can be taken for examination under a microscope. viagra viagra dosage The biopsy will not be painful. You’ll be asked to lie curled on your left side while a tube is gently passed into your back passage. viagra canada You may be given an enema before the test, which will make you open your bowels. canada pharmacy viagra This makes the test more comfortable for you and easier for the person doing. can women buy viagra pharmacy price comparison viagra