Super glossary glossary thesaurus games social feedback technology glossary business glossary entertainment glossary health glossary science glossary life style glossary search glossary or search google                    impairment health / dentistry / impairment impairment: an alteration of health status, assessed by objective medical criteria. cheap viagra This is a medical finding. over the counter drug like viagra   related words impairment: an alteration of health status, assessed by objective medical criteria. order viagra This is a medical finding. viagra online without prescription Underwriting impairments: factors that tend to increase an individual's risk above that which is normal for his or her age. viagra safety Age-associated memory impairment (aami): the mild disturbance in memory function that occurs normally with aging; benign senescent forgetfulness. buy generic viagra Such lapses in memory are lately humorously referred to as representing a senior moment. Mental retardation: impaired or incomplete mental development characterized by an iq of 70 or below and characterized by significant functional limitations in at least two of the following skills: communication. View full definition speech and language disorders: impairments of speech or receptive language. over the counter drug like viagra Speech disorders usually involved difficulties with articulation which can generally be improved or resolved with speech therapy, usually requiri. cheap generic viagra View full definition learning disabilities (ld): one or more impairments in reading, mathematics or written expression skills which interfere with academic performance in school or in activities of daily living requiring those skills. Perf. View full definition speech therapy: treatment to correct a speech impairment that resulted from birth or from disease, injury or prior medical treatment. viagra for women wiki Accessible format: materials that are designed in alternate formats such as braille, audiotape, oral presentation or electronically for individuals with visual impairments. Fetal alcohol syndrome (fas): birth defects and serious life-long mental and emotional impairments that may result from heavy maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy. buy viagra cheap Symptoms of mental and emotional deficits may i. over the counter drug like viagra View full definition disabled indivi. how does viagra compared to viagra